Why use Herbal Skin Care products?

Why use Herbal Skin Care Products?

Hey everyone, in this article we will get to know some benefits of use of herbal skin care products and it’s advantages
First of all we need to know that:

What is cosmetics?

A cosmetics is something which is use by women for their increase in skin glow and prettiness.
Whenever we heard word cosmetics we imagine something related to woman looks and fairness.
But there is a thing to understand , that how this cosmetics affect women health.
Mostly synthetic cosmetics have very bad effects on body but herbal skin care products are very effective and skin friendly too.

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Herbal products are safe because of following reason:

1. They don’t have allergic effect and negative reaction side effect. As many synthetic cosmetics have very hazardous side effect on body.
2. These are very incorporated with skin and hair.
3. As compare to synthetic cosmetics , they are very effective even with small quantity.
4. It is easily available and have large variety and quantity.

herbal skin care

Types of herbal cosmetics.

1. Skin herbal cosmetics
2. Hair herbal cosmetics
3. Dental products
4. Nail herbal cosmetics
5. Eyes herbal cosmetics

Skin herbal cosmetics:

It perform three main functions:
And give moisture to body
We can use manjista, Tulsi for dry skin and curucuma longa for very sensitive skin

Hair herbal cosmetics:

It’s main function is to give strength to hair and color to hair.
We can use some herbal shampoo.

Dental herbal products:

When we use dental herbal products for our gums related Problem then it is found that it is very effective. We can use longa for gums related problems.

Nail herbal cosmetics:

A good characteristics you of a nail polish are like, ease of brush , fast dry and hardening.

Eyes herbal cosmetics:

Eye shadow are used to give a background of a colour to eye.
Various shades of eye shadow are available in the market.
Eye shadow may be in solid form or liquid paste form.

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