What is throat cancer? How to cure?


Hey everyone, Here is your another health related article and in this article I aware you all about the throat cancer, cancer is emerging as a worst disease which kills many people in this world every year.

What is throat cancer?

If you imagine the head and neck to involve two conduits or passages, one that allows food to enter the body and the other that allows for breathing and production of voice, then you can then imagine a cancer can occur at any point in either of those two conduits, for example,

  • Inside  the mouth,
  • Inside the gullet,
  • or inside the voice box.

how to cure throat cancer

There are other structures in the neck as well—lymph nodes, the thyroid gland and saliva glands. So cancer can occur in any of these parts.

There are over 11,000 new cases of head and neck cancer diagnosed in the India every year. The vast majority of them occur inside the voice box or inside larynx. They tend to be more common in men, almost twice as common in men and also it occurs at the age of 65 or above. Some time it may occur soon.

Unfortunately, over the last few years, the case of head and neck cancer has been increasing. That’s partly because we’re picking up cancers in a much earlier stage. It’s predicted that the incidence may fall particularly for voice box cancers.

The biggest risk factor for head neck cancer by far is smoking tobacco. High alcohol consumption also increases your risk of developing throat cancer but not as much. Interestingly, those who smoke and drink develop a multiplier effect and they are at higher risk.

There are some other causes of throat cancer :

  1. HPV infection. That’s the human papillomavirus. It’s thought that over 50% of tonsil cancers are related to HPV infections. Because the term throat cancer encompasses a number of different diagnoses, there also a number of different symptoms to be aware.
  2. Dysphagia or difficulty in swallowing. particularly if this is getting worse over a period of time. Do concern to your doctor if you are facing this issue over a long period of time.
  3. An unexplained neck lump. A sudden neck lump that has lasted for more than two or three weeks or even a month and is not connected to any other  obvious infection or sore throat, then that is something to be concerned about.
  4. There are some  other causes also but these are the important ones to remember. Firstly, be aware of the symptoms, the red flag symptoms that can occur in head and neck cancer, If you’re worried, seek attention particularly if you’re in the high risk group and by that what I mean is if you’re perhaps over 40, are a smoker, and you drink. If you are worried, insist on seeing a specialist.

How to cure throat cancer?

During this examination, it’s important to examine all the different subsides of the head and neck to ensure that a cancer isn’t missed in any of these areas.  The doctor ask you all about your history this is because to check each and important fact regarding that lump.

A proper case study is to be done before taking any step.

There are various method to stop growing cancer cell but out of all, chemotherapy is the effective one. It stops the growth of cancer cell and starts repair of your body tissue.

Sometimes, if cancer is in the voice box, then whole voice box is removed from the patient body with the help of a  surgery.

At the last I urge you all to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Have proper vitamin intake that are very necessary for our body functioning and we should take a pledge to not smoke tobacco.




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