Six Top Benefits of Running that can makes you healthy.

Unexpected Benefits of Runnning

Hello my dear friends, today I have come up with an interesting session in which we will get to know about some benefits of running, As we all know that running is one of the easiest and fruitful exercise in the existing one.

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benefits of running

Well running have so many advantages but today we will discuss the best of them some of the benefits are as follows.

1.Strong Bones:

Running helps in strengthening of the bones , because when we runs our bones experiences a regular increase weight on structure which tends to increase in strength of the bones. As our age increase the bone weakness increases , This problem is more in the women.

But make sure that you  are not on dieting while you are running because our need proper calories otherwise this will cause bad impact on the health of bones. So make sure that you take proper diet.

2.Makes heart healthy:

This is one of the best benefit of this exercise because it makes our heart healthier. When we run our heart beats fast and heart pumps more blood, lungs get more air and heart capillaries works perfectly.

It means with the help of regular running you will not have any heart disease.

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3.Weight control:

Fatty and thin people both can have better weight by running .

It increases body metabolism that help you get your weight control.

So if you are overweight, running can reduce your weight because when we run, the extra fat which is deposited on our body get breduce.

If you are underweight running will increase your weight because it increases your metabolism.

4.Running reduces stress:

As we all are so busy in our day to day life and as the work increases the amount of stress is also increases. It is not easy for everyone to do meditation and get rid of the stress.

Running can give you the same result as meditation do. Only five minute running can heal your all day stress. And that’s the only reason that encourage me to run me on daily basis. And I urge you all to do the same.

5.Increases your immunity:

Running boost your immunity system, studies prove that running can reduce the chances of breast cancer in women . Even patient who are suffering from diabetes are also suggested to run on daily basis. This will save their money of daily dose of medicine.

Doctors also advise patient to run.

6.Increases concentration:

When we run, our mind is only concentrates on running this will train our mind to how to focus and concentrates on a particular task. This will help our mind to do for every task it is supposed to have.

Apart from above reason running also help to increase our confidence. It decreases your anxiety and it makes your skin to shine more.

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Thank you so much friends I will be very happy if the above article helps you any way keep supporting us ….and yes one more thing KEEP RUNNING!!




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