Control diabetes with eating raw onion and garlic

How to control Diabetes Naturally

Hey every one today we are discussing some health benefits of garlic and onion on the diabetic patients.

control diabetes

diabetics patients suffered from high levels of blood sugar which can be either because the body does not produce sufficient insulin or if the cells stop responding to the insulin produced by the body.

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onions  have a hypoglycemic effect for people having  diabetes. the sulfur compounds in onions normally as methyl system and the flavonoid quercetin may be responsible for the effects on blood sugar.

onions along with lemon is a perfect combination for people having diabetes onion and garlic both may help diabetes to cure naturally.

lemons are rich in antioxidant vitamin C. the vitamin C is essential for making collagen which helps keep the arteries smooth and pliable.

lemons are included in the list of superfoods that should be a part of your diet according to the American Diabetes Association.

Squeeze onion and garlic  through a thin cloth and mix the juice with the lemon juice. drink this two times  a day test your blood sugar and cholesterol levels regularly to see how you are doing.


It  has many unmarried benefits,  according to recent studies have shown that garlic can increase insulin production, a hormone that turns glucose into energy and controls type 2 diabetes.

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Another benefits is that  consuming large quantities of raw garlic reduces blood sugar levels

You have to use garlic in order to benefit from garlic. you need to eat raw garlic regularly.

You should consume from 500 mg to  2,000 mg of garlic a day which adds up to one or two fresh raw garlic cloves.

another alternative would be drinking garlic water for 200 milliliters of water in a cup and add one mentioned clove of garlic.

let it sit for some time so if the garlic’s properties can be observed into the water and drink it throughout the day control blood pressure normally with onion and honey.

high blood pressure also known as hypertension is a serious health problem that can lead to heart attacks strokes and kidney failure BP reading 140 by 90 and above known as high BP

To control high blood pressure naturally we need two to three onions and honey firstly clean the onions and cut into pieces add these pieces into your blender and blend thoroughly now take this mixture out and squeeze juice from it.

take an empty bowl and 1 tablespoon of onion juice and add one tablespoon of honey finally mix thoroughly and consume it.

Onion not only provide an excellent taste for our dish plates but provide the periodic and

antibacterial properties. The cleans and detox our bodies to eliminate disease.

onions can help prevent and treat elements from diabetes to heart disease with daily consumption here are 5surprising ways onions can cleanse your body to eliminate disease diabetes.

  1. Your high intake of onions could mean the lower the level of glucose. the essential oil of an onion early profile disulfide is found to mediate this perfect and low blood sugar levels by increasing the amount of free insulin.
  2. Can help reduce cancer risk when combined with chemicals found in these two cooking ingredients. study shows the combination of onions and turmeric creates a synergistic effect that reduces both the size and number of pancreas hosts in the intestine therefore reducing colon cancer risk.

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regularly consuming onions can help detoxify potential carcinogens since they contain our burner sulfur

  1. Raw onion can actually improve our oral health simply chewing a raw onion can strengthen teeth and eliminate bacteria that can lead to tooth decay.

two or three minutes of chewing on an onion can kill most germs in the mouth to stay healthy and prevent the onset of these diseases eat an onion a day to keep the doctor away.

  1. onions rich in antioxidants thought to prevent cancer, diabetes and even the common cold.


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