5 ways to stay Healthy and Fit

5 ways to stay Healthy and Fit

Hey, my dear friend , I welcome you all to my blog “health and care”. Here I will let you know all about how to stay fit  and healthy and keep ourself free from any major disease.

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In our day to day life we have so much to do except taking care of our health.we can sacve our lots of money that we give to doctors when we fall ill just by giving a little bit of care to our body.

In this blog I will give you a brief on how to stay fit and healthy. So lets start my dear friends.


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Whenever we think of healthy lifestyle a sudden word that strikes in our head is exercise. Daily exercise is must in order to live a healthy life, because by doing exercise our heart pump blood to every organ of our body which is full of oxygen.  That full of oxygen blood makes the organ to work more and keep healthy. There are various types of exercises but out of which running is the most favourable one because running is the only exercise that completes all the exercise.

I will make a separate article for the benefits of running  , another exercise  is there which is “Burpees”. I will make a separate one for the same.


In order to have a healthy life one must have a healthy mind , and healthy mind can only be achieved by proper sleep. A  proper sleep cycle makes a person more calm and healthy.  An average person must take a sleep of 6 to 8 hours a day.  Lack of sleep  makes a person lazy and reduces the focusing power of an individual.


As it is said that healthy food takes you to the healthy environment. If we eat a healthy food our life become healthy.

We should east food which have good vitamin content A B C and D .Carbohydrate are also very important for our body. Protein intake is also necessary since protein is involved in muscle building.

I will make a separate article for the vitamin that are necessary to our body.

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Clean  environment tends to give a healthy environment which in turns gives you a healthy life . In the dirty or bacterial environment bacteria grows more rapidly as compare to clean one . because the growth of bacteria in such condition is so rapid.


MEDITATION is a practice in which individual focuses on a single object and concentrate on that only with full focus. Meditation is being practiced since very time ago but since 19th century it grows very quickly.  And  now it is practiced in various private and business sectors. Meditation is helps to reduce stress and controls anxiety . it is the most common reason people try it. It also promotes emotional health Enhances self awareness.

I hope that you find this information usefull and a very good luck for your future ahead!!

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