How do you know if you have anemia?

How do you know if you have anemia?

Hello my dear friends today I have come up with an interesting health related topic.

Yes…, you read it right . my today’s health article is related to anemia.

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If you have anemia then your blood doesn’t carry enough oxygen to the rest of your body. In anemia the amount of the oxygen in the blood decreases very quickly due to lack of iron in the body.

Not having enough iron is the main cause of anemia. Your body needs iron to make hemoglobin.

Hemoglobin is an iron rich protein that gives the red color to the blood.

It carries oxygen from the lungs to the rest part of our body.


Anemia has three main causes:

  1. Blood loss
  2. Lack of red blood cell production
  3. High rate of red blood cell destruction

The main cause of anemia is iron deficiency. So first we have to make sure the our body get the proper iron rich diet.

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Iron deficiency may be due to an increased need of iron by the body, or decreased in the intake or absorption or the amount of iron taken in.

It is the most common nutritional deficiency in the India and women are at the higher risk of it.

Here are the some causes of iron deficiency in our body:

  1. Fatigue:

The most obvious sign of iron deficiency is the fatigue and exhaustion.

When you have low iron, your body is missing vital energy and oxygen, resulting to weakness, mood swing and difficulty on focusing on simple task

Hemoglobin  is the substance in the red blood cell that carry oxygen and hemoglobin is form by the iron.

  1. Pale skin:

Iron promotes hemoglobin production, which gives your blood its red color and your skin looks rosy and pretty.

So if your rosy skin is suddenly pale, then you may be iron deficient.

If you have light complexion then its is easy to determine. But it doesn’t matter what your skin tone is,  if the inside of your gums and the inside of your bottom eyelids are less red than the usual then you may be iron deficient.

  1. You get short of breath easily:

If you are getting out of breath by doing normal workout or climbing the stairs, then iron deficiency may be the cause.

No matter how deeply you breath, if your oxygen level are low then definitely you will feel out of the air.

  1. Brittle nails:

if you have frails, thin finger nails and toenails or spoon shaped nails then you  may have chances of having iron deficiency.

  1. Irregular heart rate:

Anemia may develop if your body lacks iron over the long time.

This can result in an  irregular, abnormal and fast heart beat.

Due to anemia and low iron, heart tissue gets swollen or enlarged and it leads to heart failure too.

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I hope guys from now onwards you take care of your body and make sure that there is no iron deficiency in your body.

In my upcoming articles I will tell you about the iron rich diet and prevention for the anemia because as it said that prevention is better than cure

Till then stay tuned guys and be healthy.

Thank you.

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